Over the years, I have heard many sermons which focus on all of David’s sins in 2 Samuel 11 leading up to his treachery against Uriah. Many note David sending Joab to battle for Israel instead of doing his duty as king. Others focus on how lust gets the better of David, and he transgresses against the commandment against adultery. The list continues, of course. Today I want to suggest that we have known for some time that these events would been coming. David relates to women and wives just like the kings of the nations that do not know YHWH. David’s polygamous ways have shown that he expects to have as many women as he desires. Though today we read the first clear biblical statement about God’s displeasure with David (2 Samuel 11:27), this is not the first time we have seen David’s proclivity towards sexual sin. What we would call egregious sin does not simply happen overnight. David’s heart had become fixated on sexual satisfaction, and his power could get him his heart’s desire. This is a terrible combination for a king called to lead God’s people. It is also terrible for David and his relationship with God. What will God do about David going off the rails? Tomorrow we will find out.