David will not tolerate vigilante justice against his foes. When David is brought Ish-Bosheth’s head by Rekab and Baanah, he has them executed for murder. Upholding justice is a key part of being a righteous king over Israel. In the face of much antagonism, David has been unwavering in his devotion to the crown and to Saul’s family. Now David will take over as one who has shown commitment to upholding justice towards all fellow Israelites. There are still flaws, however, in David’s character. 2 Samuel 3 makes clear that David now has six children by six different wives, and Michal, David’s first wife, is set to join the family. Though David’s virtue is evident in most areas of his life, his polygamous ways foreshadow problems. No matter what problems we see with David, Israel is in better hands with their new king than they ever were with Saul.