Samson is born to lead Israel’s deliverance from the rule of the Philistines (Judges 12:5). The sheer strength Samson demonstrates in killing 30 men by himself (not to mention many more to come) at the end of our reading shows the sort of leader he could have been. Instead the character issues that plague Samson’s life will end up preventing him from winning anything more than a few minor skirmishes. The first sign something is amiss is Samson’s eagerness and demand for a Philistine wife. Secondly, when Samson takes honey from a dead unclean animal and gives it to his devout parents while hiding the truth, he shows his dishonesty and disregard for Israel’s laws. Lastly, in our story, Samson’s gambling through his “lion riddle” shows his recklessness (Judges 14:12-14). Of all Israel’s judges, Samson should have been the greatest. No other judge was set apart from birth like Samson and given the strength he received from God. Tomorrow we will find out the fate of the man full of wasted potential who could have won Israel’s greatest victories.