Agapé Chicago’s main preaching diet in September 2015-February 2016 came from the book of Judges. The main idea for that sermon series was: God’s rule leads to freedom, but our will leads to bondage. This is an adequate summary of the message found in Judges. The book of Joshua, just before Judges, speaks of how much Israel did to accomplish God’s command to dispossess the Canaanites; however, the beginning of Judges tells how Israel stops short of obeying God and fails to drive out enemy nations.

Judges 2 begins with a visitation from the angel of the Lord. Many believe the angel of the Lord’s appearances are theophanies (i.e., physical appearances of God) rather than an angel simply speaking as God’s appointed messenger. Either way, the clear message of this angel is that YHWH is displeased with Israel’s failure to do as He intends. This sets the tone for what follows in Judges. This book will drive home the significant consequences Israel faces when they live according to their will and wisdom instead of living in obedience to God’s rule.