God doesn’t just want Israel to read His words; He desires that Israel be immersed in them. God also wants Israel to immerse their children in all that He has done and in all that He teaches (Deuteronomy 11:18). Many of us imagine that a little bit of scripture-reading will fulfill our Bible-reading duties. The truth is, God wants our thoughts, imaginations, and actions to be shaped through intimate knowledge of His word. We are, like Israel, to keep God’s word at the front of our brains, in the center of our hearts, and on the tips of our tongues. Yet we ought not see God’s desire for Israel as a burden any more than we think it a burden to flip on a light switch when making it to the bathroom at night. God wants us to have light—knowledge, direction, and wisdom—and so God gives His people words of truth. God knows that His words are as essential to life as bread (as we saw yesterday) and light. May we value God’s words like He does and do everything we can to center our entire being and our whole lives around God’s communication.