It is good to recognize when God fulfills His promises.  In our first reading in Deuteronomy, Moses recognizes God’s faithfulness when recounting Israel’s recent history.  Moses demonstrates he has internalized the fulfillment of one of God’s promises to Abraham and connected that promise to his own life story. When Moses addresses his inability to lead Israel without delegating responsibility, his reason for choosing new leaders is that Israel is a people “as numerous as the stars in the sky.”  This is a subtle celebration that God has already accomplished his incredible promise (Genesis 15:5).  Moses appreciates God’s faithfulness and expects that God will bestow even more blessings through generations of descendants to come (Deuteronomy 1:11).  Reflecting on God’s grace in the past is what will deepen our trust in God’s goodness for our futures.  May you always be blessed to remember God’s promises and to celebrate God’s faithfulness in keeping them.