God is great. We often bristle at bringing concerns or frustrations to others, and sometimes to God especially. Though we may not say it, we seem to think God doesn’t care about our little business, so we don’t seek God in our distress. Numbers 36 ends with a simple concern about the possible loss of land for Manasseh’s tribe. The tribe of Manasseh, son of Joseph, has already received provision for some daughters of Zelophehad to preserve their father’s inheritance (Numbers 27). Yet the leaders of Manasseh’s tribe realize they need to clarify God’s will because of potential problems concerning jubilee year and the redemption of property. They recognize that their tribe stands to lose quite a bit of land over a 50-year period, so these clan leaders petition Moses to inquire of God how they might receive protections. God responds, “What the tribe of the descendants of Joseph is saying is right” (Numbers 36:5), a little line which well conveys God’s heart for us. In these words God shows His care for the details of our lives and for His justice; they reveal His pleasure when we approach Him with our concerns.

Also, we see that is good to know God’s words very clearly. In Numbers 27, God specifies that these daughters are to marry “their father’s relatives” (v. 7), and it seems that these leaders assumed that God intended for these “relatives” to be members of Manasseh to the exclusion of other Israelites. And so, boldly they approach Moses to clarify God’s thoughts. The more we know God’s word, like these clan leaders, the more confidently we approach God with our requests.