“The Lord reigns,” begins Psalm 93, and the phrase adequately summarizes the details recounted in Numbers 33. God took a massive people —likely over two million of them—delivered them from slavery, protected them in the wilderness, and now intends to give them the promised land. However, He commands them to drive the Canaanites out of the land first. YHWH Himself placed the Canaanites in the land for the allotted period, and now YHWH wishes to give that land to His chosen people. God warns Israel that, if not removed, Canaan will be “barbs in your eyes, and thorns in your sides.” God will also punish Israel the same way as Canaan if they do not listen; in other words, God will take the land from Israel. YHWH makes promises and will keep them. God also calls Israel to live in faithfulness to the covenant. Grace and obedience have always been friends for those that know the true God. May we hold fast to God’s promises while understanding that our ability to enjoy His goodness to the fullest calls for following Him in all things.