After God details all the ways in which He includes a portion for the Levites through Israel’s various offerings, He makes a very interesting command. God tells Aaron that he will have no inheritance in the land of promise because “I am your share and inheritance among the Israelites” (Numbers 18:20). Curiously, much of Numbers 18 describes how God does provide an inheritance for Aaron and the Levites. God is making a straightforward point: He is the one providing for the Levites. Even that provision reflects the fact that God is the true inheritance these Levites ought to seek. In the land to come, the rest of Israel will settle, work fields and care for animals, but the Levites are to rely completely on God. This complete reliance calls for faith on the part of the Levites. As the Psalmist wrote, God is calling for the Levites to have an “undivided heart” (Psalm 86:11). Though we are not Levites, we are priests to God for our world. May we see God alone as our true inheritance.