At this point in the book, in my past studies in Leviticus I started to lose track of the offerings. For ease, just remember there are five major offerings: burnt, grain, fellowship, sin, and guilt. Our reading today simply explains how the priests were to execute the reception and offering of the sacrifices on behalf of the people of Israel. Every sacrifice mentioned today has already been discussed; we just learn how the priests are to do their work on behalf of the people. Today’s passage demonstrates very clearly that these offerings gave assurance of food to the Levites while performing this work. God called a specific people to execute the sacrificial system, but He also ensured that their basic needs were met. Again, this provision affirms God’s care for HIs people. This is why the people of Israel could sing with David in Psalm 61 about their God, who is a rock and a refuge for them (Psalm 61:1-2). Even in the boring details from our perspective, God shows His tremendous care.