Today’s verses from Exodus comprise one of the most significant passages in the entire Bible. You might be surprised to find out that our celebration of communion is connected to the celebration of Passover; in fact, the Last Supper is Jesus celebrating the Passover with his disciples. Or you might have read through this well-known passage in a hurry to get it over with. Slow down and take notice. Take notice that God makes a promise and is faithful to it. Take notice that God works through his servant, Moses. Take notice that the Lord’s protection does not come only to good and moral Jews, but to all of them. The deciding factor is the blood on the door post. Even this early on in the Biblical narrative, Jesus is being foreshadowed, for the Passover assures us that it is not the works of man that save us, but the mercy and favor of God.

A well-known theologian, D.A. Carson, recently spoke about the Passover, and he used the illustration of two Jews talking to each other the night before the event. Both had put the blood on their doors, but one expressed fear in the coming Angel of Death, while the other showed steadfast confidence that everything would be okay. Here Carson pauses and asks, ‘which of these two Jews lost their son that night?”

Pause and think.

The answer: neither, for it is not the “intensity or clarity of their faith that saves them, but on the ground of the blood of the lamb.” Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, has come and taken away our sins. Therefore, when the devil or anyone at all comes and accuses us of the sins we have committed, we can say, “I am all of what you say and more, but by the Blood of the lamb I am made clean.” Praise be to God for Jesus Christ.