Exodus 10 and 11 chronicle the eighth and ninth plagues and the prophecy of the tenth and final plague, leading into the Passover. As Moses interacts with Pharaoh, notice that the Egyptian king refuses to truly surrender to the Lord, trying to bargain his way to salvation before the plagues arrive. In both cases, Pharaoh is still trying to hold on to power. We often struggle with this desire ourselves; in our surrender, we still try to hang on to some measure of control. Pray that God would reveal those things that we hold on to and that He would help us to surrender fully to his love.

The plagues will culminate in the deaths of Egypt’s firstborn children. Knowing this, we should grapple with the idea that God has “His wonders multiplied through the land of Egypt” through the devastating judgement of the plagues. As we do, read Psalm 36 and see that while David sings the praises of God’s steadfast love and righteousness to those who know Him, he also proclaims that the wicked, who neither fear God nor reject evil, are thrust down and destroyed. God is glorified in both the salvation of the righteous and the judgement of the wicked. Take time today to give thanks to God that He has called you to salvation, and pray that those who do not know God may come to know Him and be spared from judgement.