Genesis 43-44 continues the events surrounding Joseph and his brothers that began in chapter 42. Much of this story describes the internal battle that Joseph was going through. On one hand, he desires to reconcile the relationship with his family. To this end, on two separate occasions Joseph provides their much-needed grain while secretly returning their money, and he also throws a lavish feast in their honor. On the other hand, Joseph seems to be playing a cruel game, perhaps to exact some revenge on his brothers. After Joseph gives his brothers as much food as they can carry, he frames the youngest of his brothers, Benjamin, as a thief. The devastation that all of Joseph’s brothers feel is evident. Judah, with a deep sense of responsibility, offers to become Joseph’s slave in place of Benjamin. Judah is offering his own life to save the life of his brother and to protect his father from the sorrow that he would suffer if Benjamin bore the punishment. 

The internal agony of Joseph is not unique. Men and women, both in scripture and in the present day, have deep feelings against the injustice that they see in the world. Today’s psalm is Psalm 26, which was written by David when he was feeling this same way. Take some time to reflect on how David responded to these feelings and on how you can emulate his response in your own circumstances.