In Genesis 41-42, after a long time of afflictions and waiting, Joseph’s life is about to take a turn. Pharaoh, the prince of Egypt, is faced with dreams impossible to interpret (Genesis 41:1-8). Driven by fear and troubled, he asks Joseph for the meaning of the dreams (Genesis 41:15). “It is not in me; God will give Pharaoh a favorable answer,” says Joseph (Genesis 41:16). Joseph gives us two principles for today: 1) God is all-knowing, and 2) He is patient. Joseph trusts God to interpret the future (Genesis 41:25). He knows that God knew and designed his future. He trusts God in his afflictions. Because he believes God is patient, Joseph doesn’t give up. He keeps his faith despite his brothers’ mistreatment. After the long-suffering, he rules over them. (Genesis 42:6). He forgets his misery (Genesis 42:51). He endured much affliction before his future unfolded. There is hope for those who remain faithful in time of hardship. Today you can decide to put God in his place. Trust him with the future. He revealed a better future for you through Christ. You can honor God’s patience by trusting and waiting on Him (Psalms 25:3-5). You don’t need to be discouraged when the future is obscure. God knows the unknown.