Today transitions the focus from God blessing the nations through Abraham to how God will bring this blessing through Isaac. For God to give Abraham descendants as numerous as the stars through Isaac, Isaac will need a wife. We see God’s hand directing the choice of Rebekah for Isaac. Today I want to note the importance of the “senior servant” in Genesis 24. We are never told his name; even so, Abraham trusts him, and God uses this anonymous servant to discern His direction in choosing a wife for Isaac. Consider how many unnamed people throughout the ages God has used to bring His incredible grace to our planet. Of course the servant had a name, but the Bible calls our attention to his faithfulness to Abraham and God instead of his name. In this servant’s faithfulness, God is faithful to use the man for purposes greater than he would have ever imagined. God’s blessings for the entire world will come through Isaac and Rebekah’s descendants, and this no-name servant is used by God to bring them together. God delights to use insignificance to do some of His most significant deeds. Through the couple this man brought together, God will give his most definitive answer to Psalm 15:1 when it asks, “Lord, who may dwell in your sacred tent? Who may live on your holy mountain?” These questions, as well as the way God brings blessings to the nations, find their answers in the same place, as we will see. Praise God for those He uses along the way to bring His promises to fruition.