God again makes promises to Abram. God restates the promise to give Abram Canaan (Genesis 17:8 , Genesis 12:6-7). God promises again that many nations will come through Abram (meaning “exalted father”) and thus renames him Abraham (likely meaning “father of many peoples”). God adds the promise that kings will come through Abraham’s line. Yet God clarifies that these Kings will come through a child born to Sarai (17:17-18). To this promise Abram laughs so hard, he falls facedown (usually people fall facedown before God for very different reasons). The fact that Abraham laughs so hard shows he might find this the most impossible promise God makes. He and Sarai (renamed Sarah) are really, really old. Yet God insists that Sarah’s son, Isaac, will be the one to have descendant kings. This act will certainly be God’s doing and His alone. We can imagine that one man long ago could have lots of posterity and that by good fortune some would be kings. Yet we still have no explanation how a woman well over 70 years of age could give birth. We laugh like Abraham at God’s plans from time to time. Yet God is kind with Abraham and patient with those who doubt God’s assurances. Let this story encourage faith rather than mocking of what God promises. Like Abraham, we await certain promises. May our waiting be marked by trust!