In Genesis 12:2-3 I count six promises God makes to Abram. God concludes by expanding on the fourth promise, which declares that Abram will be a blessing; he is told that “all peoples on the earth will be blessed through you.” This promise is central to Abram’s purpose. In Abram’s day, “all peoples of the earth” would have meant Egyptians, Cushites, Canaanites, and so on would be blessed through him. But in the story of scripture, this means Germans, Nigerians, Mongolians, Australians, Guatemalans, Turkish, Iraqi, etc. will be blessed through Abram. The big questions that we must be asking at this point are “How will God do this?” and “What exactly is in store with this promise?” Surely Abram did not know all that God would do, but that did not stop him from making a big move at age 75. This was not a retirement downsize, but rather Abram trusting God to fulfill a seemingly impossible promise. As we will see, God honors this faith even when it proves to waver and mix with faithlessness (note Abram’s fear of the Egyptians and pretending his wife is his sister for safety). Abram does some horrible things on the way to seeing God’s promises come true, but God honors his faith, imperfect as it is, in the remaining days of his life and beyond.