God commands Noah to be fruitful and multiply after the flood and to rule over the earth (Genesis 9:1-2, 7). This command is very similar to one made to the first man and woman in Genesis 1:27-31. Unlike in Genesis, God makes allowance for eating animals so long as they are dead (Genesis 9:1-4). In Genesis 1, vegetation alone is given as food to both humans and animals. Genesis 9 also differs in that God focuses on commands against murder. It is safe to conjecture that, prior to the flood, murder and disdain for the image of God in humanity was widespread. Afterwards God promises never to wipe out humanity again in this way, but He also insists as part of this covenant that we reject the murder of other humans. God’s second chance through Noah is an opportunity for renewed relation to other humans created as God’s Image bearers. Yet we still need something greater than this covenant to restore our true relationship to the Image of God in ourselves and in others. We need God to make His true Image visible to us in Jesus to lead us into living as we ought (Colossians 1:15-20).