Genesis 5 often repeats a particular phrase: “And then he died”. The story is unfolding, and death has made its certainty known. Thus no matter how long one’s life, death is inevitable. Such is the judgment of God upon evil. Wickedness increases so much on the earth that God declares the whole world full of people deserving death. Yet God finds one man, Noah, that rejects the evil practices of others. As a result, God would later rescue Noah, and through Noah, the human race. Because of God’s kindness toward us we see that those beloved by God can rest with assurance, even when living with the threat of death in this world (Psalm 3:1-2, 5-6). However, after David penned these words, the ironic twist in human history is that God’s most beloved, Jesus the Christ, would face death and judgment on sin to ensure that we can genuinely rest assured. Now death and evil, our greatest enemies, cannot overcome the shield of God’s favored One, and so Jesus is our truest Glory (Psalm 3:3).