At Agapé Chicago, we emphasize that God is a God of mystery to combat the desire many have that assume God operates like us. We don’t see things the way God sees them and vice versa.

That does not mean that God does not tell us a great deal about who He is, the truth about our world or what God’s purposes are for the human race. Nor does that mean that God never has answers to some of our questions. In fact, the series that we are beginning, “Questions For God: Jesus’ Answers,” assumes that God actually wants to answer some of our most basic questions.

These are the four questions we will answer in the month of March: 
“What does God want for my life?”
“Am I loved by God?”
“What difference does Jesus make?”
“What is the hope for our world”?

My personal goal is to answer those questions in a way that will help someone who is truly seeking God, but has some gaps in their understanding. Hopefully, he/she will come and find clarification that many might “seek God and reach out for God and find Him, since He is not far from any of us.”

We want this time, this next month, to be a time where those that feel or think they are far from God to know that God wants them to be in friendship with all of us, that He wants people to enjoy Him, to feast on His love.

Please do invite friends and come enjoy this series.

Pastor Jeremiah