Psalm 42:3
My tears have been my food
    day and night,
while people say to me all day long,
    “Where is your God?”

Father, we do not know how to express our deep pain to you. Our hurts go bottled up. Our anger wells up inside. Help us to come to you with honesty, like the Psalm writer when it is said, “My tears have been my food day and night”. It is hard for us to come to you with such vivid honesty because we fear that is not “how we are supposed to pray”. Thus help us to lament, and to so do in your presence with full honesty.

But Father we don’t just want to lament, but we want to lament how little you are known? Our true agony lies in this fact, people laugh at you, people mock you, and treat you as if you have no significance. This grieves our heart, it makes our stomachs ache, and causes wells of tears to overflow from our eyes–enough to drink in full.

God, perhaps for most of us, this is not true. To pray this psalm would mostly be a lie. We are more grieved when our team loses than we are that you are not revered—we are more grieved by the mistakes of others, than we are that we do not know you. Father, would you change our hearts to grieve in a world where in comparison to your worth, you have so little value in our eyes. Make us a people disheartened that you are not loved with body, mind, and soul. We don’t want pain for pain’s sake. We do, however, want to feel deeply how amiss we have become. Father like we need our nerves to work in the face of harm to our bodies, make our hearts hurt when we face harm to our very appreciation and love for you! We know you are there, reveal your power and your love and ease our pain as we pray.