Father, we are afraid you will not provide. It seems like this is common. We trust that Jesus knew the hearts of his first disciples, whose lives could easily be endangered by lack of rain or a bad year. But we also understand that even in our day this prayer should still  be ours. We might not fear a loss of bread. Yet we do fear paying bills, losing our jobs, or that we will be in debt forever. Thus we hold our possessions dearly, we look out for ourselves and hardly ever for others. Free us from the fear that you will not provide as we pray for your provision. Father, we want to be generous, but we question your generosity towards us. Help us to see that you did not withhold the diamond of heaven, your Son Himself, and to believe this as the ultimate evidence that you will provide what we truly need. Help us to deeply trust in your provision so that we may be free to be hospitable, generous, and less attached to our money and possessions. We ask that you provide for our needs and give us the faith to trust that you will sustain us, that we might not hoard and pinch pennies in the false trust of ourselves and our own abilities to provide. You alone can provide for us, for your churches in Rogers Park, and for the needy around us–so please do Father we pray today.