by Jeremiah Vaught

Life. We love to celebrate life. Birthdays, weddings, baby showers are all occasions to say, Life is good. When we gather for meals, we raise a toast to life. Life should be enjoyed. We feel it, deep down; we know life is supposed to be, well, full of life.  

But why does life so often feel overwhelming or underwhelming? Why does life feel so heavy, and so hard? The truth is, life ends. No matter how alive we are, no matter how gladly we celebrate life, it ends. And we die.

There is no escape from death; it finds us all. We rise up; we breathe the fresh air of life, we plow through our lives; we fall down, we say goodbye. 

Death looms over our lives like a dark storm cloud. We sense it coming, on the horizon of our days. Peril is always ahead. Some cope with the cloud of death better than others, but for all of us it is an unstoppable force. Death always beats life. We celebrate life, but all that we see and sense shows us death is stronger than life.

Or is it? 

The message of Easter is that contrary to everything we see, life wins. Easter is a celebration of the author of life. In fact Easter is about how life itself, God the Son became a man, and defeated death by giving up His life. It’s a celebration of how eternal life Himself conquered over death by taking on the death we all must face.

The message of Easter is this: Death is not stronger than true Life. True life is and comes from Jesus Christ. He delivered us through his own death a knockout blow to death. Jesus took on the death we all die, and the Father of Life gave Jesus his life back so that all who are joined to Him can share in that eternal life.

This eternal life is not just life that extends into infinity and beyond, but is an entryway into a paradise superior to even what the most imaginative of us could hope for. Jesus will give us life forever, and better than any of us could ever imagine. Life, as we know it now, only gives us but a faint glimpse of the life that can be ours in Jesus.

So when we celebrate Easter, we celebrate life like nothing or no else. We celebrate the victory of life over death. We raise a toast with our hearts to the Author of life.

Won’t you join us Sunday, April 8 at the New 400 Theaters (6746 N. Sheridan Rd.) as we celebrate life, and life to its fullest, through the victory of life over death in Jesus Christ.