In Chicagoland there are many events to attend during the summer. Every weekend there are concerts, food fests, and affinity-based celebrations. The most popular of these events are the various street festivals that pop-up around the city. The most famous one is of course “The Taste of Chicago”.

            An idea that I have been mulling over is a concerted effort on the part of Jesus-worshipping people  to identify all street festivals in 2012 in order to reach-out and pray for folks at these events. Though I know different churches make their presence known at particular street festivals, I would be interested in what a concerted effort to plant the Gospel at each street festival could mean in 2012. Would we be willing as churches to share resources to help other churches have a booth at their local street festival? Could we financially partner to help local churches provide something tangible to neighbors and visitors? Any other ideas or takers are welcome!


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